Tom Sulda of Astal -- Episode 30

Tom Sulda is director of Latsa Learning Services, where he leads a national team of instructors in Australia. Latsa’s instructors are also part-time consultants who help clients implement new best practice process methodologies, such as Prince2, Managing Successful Programs, AgilePM and AgileBA. Additionally Sulda’s company IPX Check is a newly certified CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks auditor where Tom is the lead auditor.

In this episode, Sulda offers a brief primer on agile project management vs the waterfall approach and the pros and cons of each. Plus he reveals who should give it a try and who should sit this one out.

Programming note: This episode was recorded during the 2019 CSIA Executive Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, in May 2019.

Credit Bensound and Wistia's Music Collection for the music in this episode.