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  • Also Branded As: AEG, Gould, Schneider Electric

Model 202 Program Loader

The Model 202 Program Loader is a magnetic tape cartridge unit designed for field recording and reloading of user programs into MODICON 184 Programmable Controllers. The Program Loader features ease of operation and fully automatic error detection and protection. The Model 202 Program Loader permits the user to:

Record his control programs on magnetic tape cartridges. Load a control program from a magnetic cartridge into the Controller.

The Model 202 is housed in a rugged case which also houses the plug-in module. The case also provides space, in a dust-proof compartment, for storage of up to 14 magnetic tape cartridges. Each cartridge can store up to two MODICON “184” Programs, each consisting of an entire Programmable Controller Memory.

The case is provided with a convenient hanger which allows the Model 202 to hang from the Controller enclosure door and open like a book. This provides the optimum protection against contaminants entering the tape record/play area.

Physical Dimensions: 15 in. x 18 in. x 7-l/2 in.
Weight: 28 lb.
Cartridge Size: 3-l l/l 6 in. x 3-l/8 in. x 3/4 in.
Cartridge Capacity: 190 feet of 0.5 mil mylar tape

Removing the button from the cartridge inhibits further recording on that cartridge