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  • Also Branded As: AEG, Gould, Schneider Electric

Model 102 Programming Panel

Models 102 and 11 2 differ only in that Model 102 is not designed to implement calculation and data transfers. In all other respects, the units are

The Panel is a portable unit that connects to the Controller thru an interface. It allows the user to:

Enter the Control Program consisting of Relay Logic, Timers, Counters, Calculate Plus and Minus, and the various Data Transfer Functions, Check out the entire Control System from limit switches and pushbuttons to solenoids and motor starters, Debug and troubleshoot the machine or process from start-up to online operation.

The Control Program entered via the Programming Panel, is in the format of the conventional elementary diagram or ladder diagram.

Each line of the ladder diagram contains an output which is controlled by four control elements, the equivalent of relay contacts in the line. They will be normally open or closed, connected in series or in parallel combinations. Timers, Counters, Calculators and Data Transfer Lines, are also entered into the same four element line. Timers may be set for times from 0.1 seconds to 999 seconds. Counters may be set from 1 to 999. Remote set allows presets up to 9999.

Using the pushbuttons and switches on the Programming Panel, each control and pilot device shown on the elementary diagram is entered into the controller memory. Changes may be made in the manner as original entry, modifying only the specified line affected by the changes. The Panel may also be used to display the stored control program line by line.

Power Requirements:
115 Vac +/- 20%
(50 Hz/60 Hz),
20 Volt amps

Environmental Requirements:
Ambient Temperature 0 to 50 degrees C
Humidity 0% to 95%

Dimensions: 14-3/4 in. x 14 in. x 10 1/2 in.
Weight: 20 lb.