Lessons from Touching a Hot Stove (Legal Edition) - Episode 20

At the most popular session at the CSIA Executive Conference, "Lessons from Touching a Hot Stove", system integrators have learned how their peers’ businesses have been burned by accidents, injuries and losses. This is especially true when the threat of a lawsuit, or an actual lawsuit itself, arises – what could have been done to avoid this dispute in the first place?

In this episode, I’m releasing a recent webinar titled, "Lessons from Touching a Hot Stove: Legal Edition." This installment is a great conversation between the CSIA Legal Plan attorneys, Mark Voigtmann and Brian Clifford. Mark and Brian’s webinar was largely a conversation and doesn’t rely on slides so don’t worry about missing anything visual.

You’ll hear from about some of the “hot stove” experiences they have seen and how you can best mitigate your risk using legal services. Do not miss this episode!

Enjoy getting to know more about legal issues in industrial automation.