How To Post Your eBay Seller Listings

Members may showcase their Industrial Automation and Programmable Logic Controller Systems and equipment for sale currently listed at

Please note: is providing this service as a method for eBay auction sellers to gain improved exposure for their auction items. does not participate in any part of an auction or any subsequent transactions. is not responsible for any ebay auctions or transactions that occur and all responsibilities remain with the buyer and seller exclusively.

Step 1: Register and open an account at

Step 2: Subscribe for an account upgrade as an eBay Seller. Click on your username near the top righty of any page. Select "account upgrades" link. Choose to try a 30 day access, or sign up for a full year.

Step 3: Navigate to the eBay Seller Listings forum. Click the "Post Thread" button. You can add as little or as much as you want to promote your auction item.

Step 4: Click the "Post Thread" button at the bottom of the create thread page. Your post is now live. You may edit as needed to improve your layout if desired.

All threads posted in the eBay Sellers Listings forum will expire after 30 days from last post and will automatically self-delete.

Post Guidelines

Should include the Brand Name, part or model number, and a short descriptor

Post Body:
This will include a direct link to your auction item. For best results, post your link in the first line of your post, followed by two blank lines. The system will fetch meta data from your linked page and format the information in a presentable clickable banner in the top of your post. Example results: Home Page:

A link to this actual page:

Each website including eBay will provide different meta data and as a result, some will display differently but the links will be correct.

Information you may want to include:
  • Brand
  • Model or series
  • Part Number
  • New/Used
  • Tested/Untested
  • Any specifications
  • Your username: (see below)

You may also include additional information about the auction item including images and attachments. You will notice that if you do post images within your post, the first image shown in your post will also be made into a thumbnail image and located next to your thread in the eBay Seller Listings forum. Example:

Contact Information: Since the post layout will not include your mini-profile information, you may post your username in order to receive any contact requests from within the website. If you add an ampersand "@" to the front of your username, in posts, the results look like the following:

It is preferred all important auction item communications remain within the eBay website. Members of may if they wish, ask questions or comment as a reply to the auction item listing while the thread is still open. The auction item seller may or may not reply or respond to posts, but there is no obligation on the seller to reply to any post here. It is good for business though.

Please post only one thread per eBay auction item. If the item is relisted, you may repost a new thread and let the old one expire.

You may not include in your post any references to any website other than eBay, or the original equipment manufacturers website. Do not include email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, or any other individual or corporate identifiable information. If you wish to include your website/company/or services, you will need to upgrade your account to Direct Seller level.