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Members may showcase their automation equipment currently listed at eBay.com.

ClassicPLC.com provides this service for eBay auction sellers to promote their auction items. ClassicPLC.com does not participate in any part of an auction or any subsequent transactions except where ClassicPLC.com is the buyer or seller. All responsibilities remain on eBay, with the buyer and seller, exclusively.
Bidders/Buyers: The posts by our members in this forum are for promotion purposes only. ALL transactions/communications should remain within the eBay website. Members may post questions/comments below the auction listing post for the seller to respond at their discretion.

Sellers: Members may subscribe as an eBay seller in their account settings in order to be able to post their eBay auctions and items in the classifieds forum. You may subscribe for a year access, or if you wish to give it a trial run, you can subscribe for one month.

All threads posted in the eBay Sellers Listings forum will self-expire after 30 days from last post date and will automatically self-delete.

There are various ways to format your eBay auction posts.

The easiest way to post your eBay auction is just a matter of pasting the auction item URL link in the body of the post, with a good descriptor title that should include things like; brand, model, series, and item descriptor. After you submit the post, the URL link will be formatted to display nicely in a box containing some of the meta-data from that particular web page and an image associated with the auction item.

If you choose to upload an image as an attachment to your post, the image will also show up as a thumbnail in the left column of the listings page.

For more advanced users, you may get creative using many of the features built into the system.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use this service as a method to promote or "spam" the forums with uneccessary links for the auction item. Only one post per auction item. Links that you may include in your listing post from ebay; feedback rating, profile About Me, List all auction items by the same member, etc. Do not post links or information regarding any other external/corporate/ecommerce/forum websites. (See Direct Sales Listings). Repeating violations of this may result in your subscription being suspended without refund.

Contact Information: Since the post layout will not include your ClassicPLC.com contact information, you may post your username in order to receive any DM contact requests from within the ClassicPLC.com website. If you add an ampersand "@" to the front of your username (@ClassicPLC), in posts, will provide a direct link to your profile. Please do not post your phone number, email address, physical address, or other means of contact. Repeated violations may result in your subscription being suspended without refund.